Aeroski and Skier’s Edge are skiing simulators machines. They are training devices to practice and hone your skiing skill set but also, machines for general exercise use. 

There are so many different benefits to skiing as a health boosting activity. It is also one of the most popular recreational activities worldwide with people flocking from all over to popular skiing destinations.


It is a competitive sport and a fun hobby. It can be a group activity or undertaken solo. Skiing can be started from a young age. 

However, the physical act of skiing can soon become a financial strain. That is where ski simulators come into play. They are lowkey skiing machines that you can use from the comfort of your own home.

There is no need to purchase all the equipment or attire that comes hand in hand with skiing outdoors. 

This article will look at two popular skiing simulators; Aeroski and Skier’s Edge. It will look at how these simulators take the roots of this extreme sport and make it more accessible for the masses.

We will discuss the differences between the two programs, and how they stand up against one another. 

Skier’s Edge

Skier’s Edge is a well-known, trusted skiing simulator. It can be incorporated into any home gym or home environment. Its aim? To enable you to practice your skiing skills at home. It enhances your skiing abilities and helps you reach a more refined level of skiing expertise. 

There are several versions of this product with a multitude of accessories to go with them. This means you can have the simple, skiing experience as a beginner practicing, and build up your skillset at your own pace with the available extras.

First, we will take an overview of the different models. Then we will look at the add-ons. 

The QS7

The QS7 is the newer addition to the Skier’s Edge machines.  The main difference is in the size. The QS7 is larger than the previous model. The increase in size equals an increase in safety while using as it provides a more steady base. 

It is built from aluminum. Aluminum is easy to clean and rust and is damage resistant. This is great for regular use. Cleaning is easy and hassle-free. You can simply wipe down the equipment with your regular cleaning spray and cloth.

Take care to make sure it has thoroughly dried before you use it next. 

It also means you can rest easy in the knowledge that regular, prolonged use of the Skier’s Edge will not lead to dents and scratches. So your machine will look pristine over a longer period of time. 

It features Skier’s Edge powerband technology. Powerband technology makes the machine safer and easier to use. It provides the gliding movement from side to side and adds to the overall illusion of practicing skiing. 

There are multiple, adjustable settings. Adjust these easily in three simple steps. Loosen up the safety bolt, slide the bar to the required setting, and slot it into place. Remember to reapply the safety bolt to maintain safe ski practice. 

The T7

The T7 is the older model. It has most of the same features as the QS7 however, it is not as advanced. It is still great for practicing skiing techniques and can accommodate some of the accessories. 


All Mountain: The All mountain is made for the T7 model. It boasts six different ski settings. 

RPM: The RPM is built for the QS7 Skier’s Edge model and has eight different settings. The settings emulate different types and conditions of the ski slopes. It can be used with both models. You would need to adapt the T7 to fit it. 

Different stance settings include a mogul practice setting. A mogul is a lump of snow formed by lots of different skiers using the same snowy ski trail. It is vital you know how to navigate these for when you ski in an authentic setting. 


Ski boots practice: Called, ‘Bootmaster’, this is another platform accessory. It is, in short, a way for you to get used to wearing and skiing in your ski boots. Ski boots can take some getting used to. It takes time to learn how to wear them and feel comfortable wearing them. 

Natural slope: This accessory is to help you practice posture. Skiing predominantly takes place in a downhill motion. Making sure you don’t lean back is important for your safety and overall skiing experience.

Why is leaning back dangerous? It’s vital to be in control of where your weight direction while skiing. This will avoid falls, promote proper pole grip and enable you to move more fluently.

Leaning back can hinder all of these actions, and it is a natural response within our brains while going downhill. Skier’s Edge has a handy accessory to get you used to the downhill motion of skiing. 

Assistant Coach Balance Bar: This accessory is to help you practice keeping your balance. We’ve already discussed how staying upright is essential to safe skiing. This is a good tool for beginners or if you’re in the mood for a more toned down workout.  

Transport Wheels:  Wheels attach to either model. They sit just above the ground for safety reasons. The wheels enable you to move and store the machine with minimum effort. 

Just pick the wheelless side up, and push and glide your machine into your desired location.

Skier’s Edge: A summary

Overall, Skier’s Edge is a great option for those wanting to improve on and practice their skiing skillset. There are a number of different, well thought through accessories to accompany the simulators.

It is durable and convenient and, has been testimony to show how well it can bring you along. 



Aeroski is a competitor skiing simulator. Unlike Skier’s Edge, there is just the one model. However, it ticks all the same boxes as Skier’s Edge and more. 

The Product

The product itself is all things ski-encompassing. It functions much the same as the Skier’s Edge model,  in that it simulates a skiing experience. However, there is more to it than Skier’s Edge provides. 

Aeroski gives you resistance bands, ski poles, and a virtual reality viewer plus a fitness app. The aim is to provide you with a veritable ski experience from your home gym or workout space. It is made from durable steel and even comes with wheels.

That means you can move it and store it more easily. 


Resistance Bands: Resistance bands are great for building up muscle strength. When added to your ski workout, you will notice a difference in how your muscle and overall endurance build faster. 

Virtual reality viewer & fitness monitors: VR reality headset is a bonus, exciting feature. You can emulate being in a real-life ski setting from your own home during your workout.

The fitness app helps you keep note of how you’re doing overall and your fitness levels. This can be a helpful motivator. 


Ski Poles: If you’re just trying out skiing, you probably won’t have all of the equipment. There is a lot after all! If you don’t have ski poles, Aeroski helpfully provides some with your machine. So, you don’t have to miss out on an authentic workout. 

Small enough to store: Though the machine itself looks large when assembled, AeroSki is small enough to be stored in a cupboard or under your bed. This is an advantage if you do not have a designated home gym workout space. 

Aeroski:  A summarySkiing as a Workout

Both the Aeroski and Skier’s Edge machines give you the same workout as skiing would. Though you are not cruising down the snowy slopes, you can still achieve the same endomorphin rush.

Below we will run through some of the main skillsets that these machines can help you fine tune and perfect. 

Skiing skillsets: An overview.

Core Strength: An integral part of good skiing is having well maintained core strength skills. Skiing uses a lot of different parts of your physical strengths. Your core strength is no exception.

Good core strength can save you from unnecessary back and leg pain. It can also help strengthen other muscles in the body and protect them from damage.

Your core strength is an anchorage point for other key muscle strengths. Aeroski caters to this by providing and suggesting the use of resistance bands. Resistance bands are a good piece of equipment for enhancing core strength.

Skier’s Edge will improve your core strength, but not as effectively.  

Balance: Balance is important for the obvious reason- the last thing you need is to fall while skiing. Falling while skiing can cause catastrophic damage such as bone breakage and fractures and even paralyzation.

But having good a good balance technique is also important for your overall skiing position and skiing control.

Without it, you are more vulnerable to making dangerous mistakes such as incorrect pole position and posture miscalculations.  This is where Skier’s Edge has the advantage with their Balance Bar and Natural Slope options.

-Cardiovascular: Cardiovascular is how good your overall health levels are. Skiing is a heavy cardiovascular workout. On any level, it requires a relatively high level of fitness to keep up strength and resilience. Both Aeroski and Skier’s Edge will give you a cardiovascular workout.  

Upper Body Strength: You use a lot of upper body strength while skiing. Without it, it will become increasingly difficult to maintain a strong balance, hold your poles correctly and steer correctly.

Weak arms do not skiers make. Both machines accommodate for upper body strength building. 

Weight transfer: You need to be able to dictate direction while skiing. Weight transfer skills are a key part of this. Without them, you won’t be able to lean in the right direction.

Ultimately this could mean there’s a risk of crashing into something or someone or, heading in the wrong direction into other danger.  Skier’s Edge caters specifically to this with the Natural Slop accessory.  

Ski Pole positioning: If you ski regularly, you will understand the importance of proper pole positioning. Your ski poles are your trusted friend out there on the slopes. You need to get to know them and how to use them properly.

There is a lot more to it than just picking up the poles and moving your arms! You can practice pole positioning with either Skier’s Edge or Aeroski! Aeroski provides ski poles with machine purchase, Skier’s Edge does not. 

Aeroski vs Skier’s Edge: Final ThoughtsThe Aeroski and Skier’s Edge are both stand up, reliable models of ski simulators. If it boils down to which is better, it would be a hard question to answer. They both have their advantages and uniquities. 

Aeroski has more accessories upfront. The machine comes with ski poles, resistance bands, and a virtual reality headset. It’s safe to say that Aeroski has the edge on authenticity, submerging the user into a snowy environment while they work out.

This will surely provide motivation for a better workout and leave you feeling more like you’ve just got back after a long day gliding down the mountain slopes. 

Skier’s Edge has more training aspects overall. There are options to train in your ski boots, which is a skill that takes practice. There are also options to train on a downward slope, which is again vital to improving your skiing abilities. 

On balance, both machines have their individual selling points. It depends on what you are aiming for in terms of which you decide to purchase. 

If you are wanting to use skiing as a fitness device, get in shape, exercise and keep healthy then AeroSki is potentially the more fun option. With the VR headset, you can place yourself in a mountain.

This is a sure-fire motivator to complete a workout. Not only this, but the machine also has a fitness tracker to show you what calories you have burnt and how your workout is progressing.

Aeroski offers a seven day healthy meal planner to give you a boost in the right direction also. If you’re a beginner skier and you don’t have all of the equipment, Aeroski is probably the better choice. Aeroski machines come with ski poles and resistance bands. 

If you are wanting to practice your skiing skills between real skiing sessions, Skier’s Edge seems like the better choice. With all the add-ons such as Bootmaster and All Mountain, you can practice the essentials as often as you feel comfortable.

Skier’s Edge also assumes a level of ability in that you are expected to bring your own equipment to the workout. 

James Apfel