7 Best Ski Boot Dryers

To ensure that your ski boots last you for many years to come, you need to properly maintain them. This means keeping them dry and warm after a day out skiing.

It will be important to ensure that your boots fully dry out once you’ve finished using them. This is because otherwise the added humidity will permeate the lining of your boots and shorten their lifespan. Don’t forget that your socks and feet will also be carrying bacteria.

When this bacteria is allowed to mix with the added humidity, it can cause an unpleasant smell, as well as mildew and mold.

Sometimes your accommodation won’t have the heated ski racks you need to dry out your boots. Or if you’re driving home from the slopes after doing some skiing, you will need a ski boot dryer to get as much of that moisture out of your boots as possible. The quicker you’re able to do this, the longer your boots should last you.

We’ve put together a list of the best ski boot dryers around for every possible situation. Whether you’re looking for a ski boot dryer that requires a power source or one that can be used in your car on the way home, there will be something below to fit your needs.

There’s even a model which can dry two sets of boots at the same time! The best thing about the ski boot dryers that we’ve selected below is that they can be used for multiple seasons.

Let’s take a look at the best ski boot dryers and what makes them so great!


The Drysure Extreme ski boot dryers are the perfect choice for those who don’t want to rely on batteries or electricity to get their ski boots dry. These ski boot dryers instead rely on silica oxide beads. This works to naturally draw the moisture out of your ski boots.

There are two parts to these ski boot dryers. There’s the gel bag which does all the hard work, which is then covered with the outer shell to help them maintain their shape. So you won’t have to worry about these ski boot dryers collapsing in your boots.

It’s worth noting that there are several different shapes of the Drysure product. The Extreme version will be better suited to ski boots, as the longer design will match their shape.

All you need to do to activate the drying properties of the silica oxide beads is to place the ski boot dryers in the oven. The best thing is that you don’t have to do this every day in order to use the ski boot dryers. You will only need to activate them once every 7 to 10 days. 

So you can activate them before you leave for your trip, and you can still use them for your week long adventure. This will be perfect if your chalet or hotel doesn’t come with an oven. There’s also the option of leaving the ski boot dryers in direct sunlight to activate them, too.

Another great feature of these ski boot dryers is how portable they are. You’ll easily be able to pack them into your luggage to take with you around the world. You also won’t have to worry about any noisy fans.

The only downside is that you’ll have to leave them in your boots overnight to leave them to do their work. However, these are one of the most versatile ski boot dryers on the market.


The Sports Accessories Dry N’ Warm ski boot dryer is the ideal thing for you if you’re looking for a compact fanless design.

This fanless design means the ski boot dryers are super silent, and won’t be too noisy when you’re using them. They are more portable than competitive models and are also super lightweight.

All you need to do is plug them into the socket on your wall, and leave them to dry overnight. Your ski boots will be lovely and warm in the morning, and most importantly - dry!

These are super handy to bring with you on skiing holidays as a backup option if your hotel or chalet doesn’t have a heated rack for you to use.

What’s really great about these ski boot dryers is that you can also use them to dry out your normal shoes or walking boots, too.

If you have more than one pair of ski boots that need drying, or you need to dry your boots super fast, these won’t be the best for your needs.

These are better suited for leaving your boots to dry overnight, as they can take up to 12 hours to fully dry out your boots. If your boots are completely soaked, then you may need to choose the more powerful fanned option below.


The DryGuy travel dry DX boot dryer will be the perfect choice for those who are looking for a more compact design. You get 2 boot dryers included so that you have one for each boot, and these are more compact than some of the heated racks that are available on the market.

These particular boot dryers use both air and heat to dry out your ski boots to leave them toasty and dry for you the next morning when you need them. They will work to dry out the lining of your boots as well as the shells.

Another great feature of these ski boot dryers is their compact size. This makes it easier to take on skiing holidays with you if you haven’t got much room in your suitcases. They will even be compact enough to fit in with the rest of your travel luggage! 

The only thing to bear in mind is that these aren’t as powerful as some of the other ski boot dryers we’ve reviewed on our list. So if you need to get your boots dry fast within a couple of hours, these won’t be the best option for your needs.

However, if you’re after a compact set of ski boot dryers that won’t take up too much space or weight, these are the ideal product to have on hand.


The PEET boot dryer is just the thing you need if you’re looking for an efficient ski boot dryer to dry out a single set of ski boots. These particular ski boot dryers are virtually silent as they use thermal convection to sufficiently dry out your boots.

Another great feature of these particular ski boot dryers is that they are fairly easy to bring with you on your travels. The air chambers and base have been designed to be collapsible, so you can take them apart to fit into your suitcase.

They won’t take up too much space either once they have been collapsed. If you do have space in your car for these boot heaters, it will be easier than having to disassemble them and reassemble them once you arrive.

Perhaps one of the best things about these ski boot dryers is that they come with an impressive warranty. Whereas most companies only offer a 2 year warranty, PEET is so confident with the quality of their products that they offer a whopping 25 year warranty. So you can rest assured that you’re buying a quality product!

The only thing that makes this ski boot dryer more challenging to use is that you have to plug it in and unplug it every time you want to switch it on or off.

There isn’t a handy on/off switch for you to use. If you have longer boots, you will have to pay extra to get the extenders you need to fit onto the ski boot dryer.


The DryGuy Force dry boot dryer will be the ideal addition to your ski equipment if you’re looking for an easily portable boot dryer for a single set of ski boots.

This particular model features a collapsible design to make them more compact. This also makes them much easier to bring with you when you’re traveling.

The chambers have been designed to collapse into the base to make this ski boot dryer easier to pack away in your suitcase. The base itself isn’t all that large, and the air chambers aren’t too tall, so it won’t take up too much room in your luggage.

One thing to bear in mind with this particular ski boot dryer is that because of its compact design, it won’t be able to hold your boots in an upright position.

The DryGuy Force model combats this by rotating the air chambers 180 degrees so they can fully dry your boots. All you need to do is lie your boots on the floor and place them on the air chambers. So you’ll get the powerful drying you need with a more compact design!


If you’re looking for a ski boot dryer that will be ideal for drying out more than one pair of boots at a time, you should opt for the DryGuy DX Forced air boot dryer. This particular model can hold 2 different sets of boots on it at the same time.

So you’ll be able to dry up to four boots at any given time. This makes it ideal for two people who need to share a ski boot dryer.

What’s really great about this ski boot dryer is that because it features four single tubes, you can also use it to dry out your boots as well as your gloves at the same time.

This versatility will make it much easier to use than some competitive models. You could even dry both your ski boots and your walking boots at the same time.

Another great feature of this model is that it comes with two extension tubes to fit taller boots. This will be ideal if you want to have everything you need in one model without having to pay anything extra.

The DryGuy DX Forced air boot dryer is also super quiet to operate. All while giving you impressively efficient results! This model can get your boots dry within a couple of hours so that they’re ready for you to use again.

So you’ll be able to get your boots and even your gloves nice and dry, so you can use them the next day.

The only thing to bear in mind with this particular dryer is that it isn’t as portable as some of the other designs we’ve reviewed above. This model isn’t particularly on the larger side, but it will be trickier to fit into your suitcase with your other things.

If you’re driving to your ski resort this shouldn’t be an issue, as you can easily fit it on the backseat. If you were flying to your ski resort you will find it a little trickier to bring with you.


Looking to dry your boots out while you’re on the go? Then the Kulkea thermal trekker heated boot bag is the best pick for your needs. This model has been designed so that you can help dry your boots while you’re on the go.

Of course, the worst thing you could possibly do is to place your wet boots into a closed ski boot bag. However, this heated boot bag will work to dry out your ski boots once it’s been plugged into a power source.

If you’re traveling by car, this means you can plug it into your car’s cigarette lighter and it will get to work. This makes the heated boot bag a great fit for those who like to travel between different resorts.

You can of course use the heated boot bag once you’re back in your room at your resort, too. There are three heat settings for you to choose from - low, medium, and high - which gives you the perfect range of heat for your equipment.

There are several different compartments in the bag, so you can also use it to dry out the rest of your ski apparel, too.

The only thing to note is that the heated boot bag is on the bulkier side. So if you haven’t got a lot of room in your luggage, this might not be the best option to bring with you if you’re flying to your destination. You might be better off opting for one of the more compact models we’ve reviewed above.

James Apfel